How is My Business Exposed to Risk?

We help companies to identify and control their threats exposure.

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Phaser provides the best tools to continuously assert that your applications and infrastucture are secure and meet compliance.
Enter the Continuous Security Era.


Vulnerability Scanner

Phaser security scanner performs fully automated tests to identify security issues on your web application. It checks for SQL injections, XSS, SSL Errors, Heartbleed and a lot of other vulnerabilities.
PaaS/Serverless apps ready.
Let us detect vulnerabilities for you before hackers do.

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Dependencies Analysis

Find vulnerablities in your projects and remediate risks with updates and patches.
By combining the most advanced code analyzer and the best database of known vulnerabilities in libraries, Phaser lets you regain visibility into development risks and empower your developers to address it.
PaaS/Serverless apps ready.


DNS Monitoring

Simply add your domain to Phaser and we'll discover the relevant DNS records.
As soon as a record changes, you'll receive an alert.
DNS monitoring helps you to prevent a large panel of attacks like DNS hijacking, subdomain takeover...

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Static Code Analysis

Getting developers to use Application Security Testing is one of the biggest challenges facing security professionals today.
By automating security tests directly at the code level, Phaser lets you ensure the code you write, buy, or assemble meets compliance.

Integrating Security Tests In Your CI Pipeline Has Never Been So Easy.

With Phaser, security becomes part of your normal workflow.


Team & Roles

Manage teams and people, get fine-grained control with project-level permissions and use collaboration tools to define your software delivery process - all with delegated administration and centralized billing.


Knowledge Base

All findings have links to resources where you can read up on the vulnerabilities and learn how to fix them. We created Phaser for busy tech teams that want to work proactively with security and learn from their potential mistakes.


Instant Alerting

Get alerted when newly disclosed vulnerabilities affect your projects. Telegram, Slack and Email notifications for new vulnerabilities and fixes, with a comprehensive information and remediation guidance for your vulnerabilities


Vulnerability Management

Phaser's ability to track vulnerability data across hosts and time lets you use reports interactively to better understand the security of your network.

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